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1. Learn about light pollution

The abuse of street lighting, with totally inadequate equipment, is the main cause of light pollution, light pollution is something vicious because we don’t pay attention to it it’s not harmful for us but it’s harmful for insects bats and all other nocturnal animals.

We can reduce or even better completely turn off streetlights at night. We will save energy and preserve fauna and flora. Here you will find toolkits to monitor light pollution in your region and transmit informations to administrations.

2.a Geoluxmeter

Geoluxmeter is a geolocated luxmeter this devices mesures the lux (a lux is a unity of light that hits or passes through a surface). . Everyone can make the device and then record a sampling of geolocated light points. just pair it with your smartphone then to clip it on the handle of your bag or your cap.

2.b Street lighting notifier

They send automatically one email per night with the lux level and a notice explaining how and why we have to reduce light pollution, you can attach them under streetlights and like the geoluxmeter they are also geolocated, the gps position is translated into zipcode and then it takes the email of the nearest administration.

3. Contribute

The map shows records data of lights and their positions. It shows also positions of street lighting notifiers. The records are uploaded by every one with the geoluxmeter. The threshold is based on the brightest natural night which is 0.25lx, with public lighting we can observe that sometimes it exceeds 1000lx.

This map is not like those of satellite views which let allow us to see only the radiance of light in the sky in a global way.

Position of street lighting notifiers

More than 1 lux

More than 50 lux

More than 100 lux

More than 200 lux